Are you looking for something more than just a standard vacation? Are you unsatisfied with the standards of the resorts you have visited so far? Or maybe you are just looking for a new quality of active family trips? You found the right place! Family Week is a trip that definitely goes beyond the classic winter holidays. For this year’s holidays, we are taking you to the award-winning Swiss resort of Laax, where, in addition to the best training program conducted by TOP Polish instructors and children’s animations, we have also prepared attractions for adults! We guarantee that this common Alpine week will become one of the most beautiful family memories.

A week full of excitement ahead of your family! Bomble with their peers will learn the secrets of riding under the watchful eye of TOP Polish instructors. And older kids will be trained as part of Bomb Riders, our proprietary program dedicated to teenagers. You can probably guess what it means? Finally, during your family vacations you will have a moment all to yourself! If you are travelling with little babies, who for now can admire the Alps only from a buggy, don’t worry! LAAX is a complex resort with all the amenities that ensure, for example, an easy access to the upper Crap Sogn Gion station by a comfortable gondola There you can enjoy an impressive, both indoor and outdoor, gastronomic zone as well as a unique design of the station! There will be no end to integration in the afternoons! We are preparing a lot of attractions and joint activities! Get ready for a good family movie, evening poker dedicated to parents or hare and hounds and a magical bonfire in the moonlight! We will also visit the famous Freestyle Academy to let the youngest get bitten by a freestyle bug! There will be no end to the fun! Oh yes, we know how to make children’s dreams come true!

Family Week is already a legend and something much more than just a week-long trip to the Alps! Year by year it surprises us with its popularity more and more, and the circle of “LAAX Families” is growing at an express pace, creating a unique community!