We haven’t waited so long for any trip. Three years of waiting can only mean one thing: it will be a legendary week and you will be its most important part. We are back on the SNOW DJ WEEK stage with double strength with the strongest line-up – with you! What will SNOW DJ WEEK be like this season? Time will tell, but for sure it will be a very musical and creative week! We have proved you many times that for us nothing is impossible and our stage hosted  for example, BASS ASTRAL x IGO, whose tickets for concerts sold out all over the country, we took you to Apres Ski by the magical Cauma Lake or Secret Location Party in the moonlight . This time, our imagination and possibilities will take us as far as the current rules will allow. How far? See for yourself. Lubricate your snowboards, take a vacation, book your trip and wait for our musical cards to be uncovered in the most fashionable European resort!

This is definitely the time when we are not shaking with cold on the ski lifts ! On the contrary, we unbutton our jackets, take out our sunscreen and catch the sun’s hot rays. If you are worried about the snow  conditions, we would like to remind you that in Laax we ride at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level.  And winter has been spoiling us for several years! The last April trips have definitely shown us that powder alert at this time is still possible! What’s more the resort itself has decided to postpone the closing date three years in a row. It was really good! Imagine the moment when, after an active day on the slopes, you go down to a designer luxury, pulsing with music resort, put on your flip flops (yes, it is possible!) and conquer the après ski dancefloor. Of course, with a cold Calanda in hand! Then time for a quick regeneration in the private apartment sauna of the luxurious rocksresort residence and we are ready for another musical experience! On the top of that, we add a lot of our attractions, surprises, countless treats and gifts from our sponsors. Oh, this place is gonna rock! Those of you who have been to Laax perfectly know that April in Laax is addictive! Well … we’re not revealing any more because we want to surprise you!